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On Vox: so, i'm grad-schooling.

So, I'm here in Portland (err... sort of. I'm on the west side of the city in a suburb.)

So I went through rush hour traffic to school this morning and got to spend 15 minutes in the same stretch of road. It was lovely.

So, I'm reading a lot on first language acquisition, second language acquisition, the interplay between the two (if any), and ways we attempt to expedite SLA. It's interesting.

And I'm studying linguistics again, which is nice.

And I'm writing a lot of papers. And tutoring. And working part-time. And having the occasional (occasional, occasional) break. Because it's mandatory (^^).

I hope you're all doing well. I miss you.

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You've got my number. If you ever have free time, I'll meet you halfway for coffee. Somewhere downtown? :)

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