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On Vox: the ice maker is on the fritz//was last summer this hot?
it's been unseasonably (and uncharacteristically) hot in the Rose
City this year. makes me think that 'global warming' is not just
a hoax conjured up by democrats and left-wingers... although that
is definitely what oil companies and republicans would have you
believe (oops... is my bias showing?)

Ah--. but i'm out wrangling carts most days, or else trying to
get applicants for credit cards... so if it's hot outside, you
know that we part-timers are simply melting. as for myself, i'm
fine at any temperature. but i wouldn't mind the realtively mild
summers for which portland is known...

has anyone noticed the hike in prices at the grocer's? it's crazy
to pay almost four dollars for milk. ah well... this is prime
diet time!

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one. sorry for my jokingly insensitive response to your post about hunger in the world.
two. can i see you, we live in the same town -- though on different sides.
three. i am melting as well. i don't remember it being this hot here ever.

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