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On Vox: regarding ZAZEN

ZAZEN is the ZEN form of meditation.
It is fundamentally important to cultivating an awareness of now.

Work is going okay. It's been pretty hot recently.
Chasing carts in the parking lot is pretty exhausting in these temperatures.
And they give us only Gatorade. I'd give my hat for some water on these days.
But I don't wear one.


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On Vox: ver. 2.0 - Now with more Portland.

Yesterday at 16:30, I landed in Portland. Cruising at a comfortable altitude of mere feet off the ground for four hours, I listened to such greats as Chihiro Onitsuka (mostly LAS VEGAS, her newest), The Carpenters (22 Greatest Hits), and other singer-songwriter legends. I stopped for coffee in Hood River at the local Starbucks, a company with which you may be familiar.

Technically, I am not currently in Portland. I reside in the suburb of Hillsboro, which is past Beaverton (home of the Oregon branch of UWAJIMAYA).

I start my part-time job tomorrow.

I have been moving my things into the house and settling in.

It still feels like I'm a guest, though.

I visited my college today and spoke with the head of international studies to discuss my course of study.

I should be finished with my coursework by Summer 2009. But I have to do a practicum out of the country after that. So I will finish officially at the end of Autumn 2009 as far as I can tell. Stay tuned.

Everything seems to be coming together.

I always get nervous around this time (lots of changes.)

But I'm trying to just set things up and not worry about how they take shape.

I'm not in control of how they take shape anyway.

It's cool and green here. Different from the desert. I could get used to this.

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random (sputnik sweetheart)
so, it's back to livejournal for me. from vox. i don't know why. i think it's far easier for me to post on this thing. i post to my mixi (japanese blog) several times a week but my vox is hopelessly neglected. livejournal, on the other hand, feels like home. so this will become my procrastination of choice for the next bit.

how have you all been? i'm fine. busy. not so busy. i don't know.

i am going to finish my term paper this evening! very excited to finish it. i'm working on it right now. it's slow going, for some reason. but they say the more you write, the better you get. or something. hope you're all well.

On Vox: COSTCO Interview (3 of 3)

I went down to Portland for another interview at COSTCO (in Aloha, OR, actually.)

I should know the results on Monday.
Gonna work on my term paper tomorrow.
I'm tired from the long drives on the weekend~.

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On Vox: GRAD SCHOOL and SAIKIN (lately speaking)

First all, it's been a while! (Hisashiburi desu.)

I received my official admittance to Concordia University in Portland on Friday. I was shopping with two of my friends at Fred Meyer when the phone call came. I have a job interview at COSTCO in Aloha this Saturday. I plan to work part-time while I take classes.

My linguistics classes this quarter are pretty much all review. But I plan to write a paper on andragogical theory in TESL (Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages) for my term paper so that will prepare me for my Theory in TESL class next year.

School start August 25 or some such date. I dunno where I'll live yet but I plan to get a Japanese futon (one of those that goes on the floor and you can roll it up during the day time and store it in the closet) and a Japanese "chabudai" dinner table where you sit on the floor. I plan to get a rather small place and hopefully live alone. I've decided I wanna try 'tokai-hitori-gurashi.'

What else to report...? I've been in weight-lifting class this quarter and yoga. It's been really good. Doing two part-time jobs, one of which is a tutoring gig for a Japanese student. It's been fun. Keeping me busy. I've also been involved in Chi Alpha, which is a Christian group on campus. I go to Tuesday evening worship and Thursday Bible study and a lunchtime Bible study for international students where I scribble notes furiously in Japanese and help explain when things don't seem to be completely comprehensible. It's been great fun. I also go to the incidental events they have and I'll participate in the outreach week next month for which I am quite psyched.

Let's see... trying to figure out finances for next year and graduation stuff. I got approved for SPRING GRADUATION.

Please let me take this time to invite you. It's June 7, 2008, Saturday, at the Central Washington stadium. I am in the afternoon ceremony because I am a Baccalaureate of Arts major. I will graduate with honors as per Lydia's request and be wearin' my honors cords and study abroad cords.

I'll try to update again soon, but no promises. =p

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On Vox: J'adore vin.

I have been at it for about a week and a half. "It" is the Central Washington University Wine Trade Professional Certification Programme. It's tough. Fast-paced. A little brutal, even.

Don't believe me?

We covered viticulture in the course of five days. Test today. And a vineyard planning assignment (oh, btw, vineyard planning usually takes two years.)

Now on to oenology. Three days of study and then a test on Thursday. Did I mention the final is next Thursday?

I love it, but it's hard. I'm not trying to get perfect grades. I just wanna learn all I can and pass with a mark high enough to get certification. If I don't, I dunno... in my mind, it would be like a waste of tuition and 3 months of work.

So I'll be trying my best.

If I'm AWOL more than usual, this is why. Thinking about you all, though.

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On Vox: hmm.

I don't eat much during the day. Especially with work in the way.

But I eat too much (for me--maybe not so, so much) in the evening
and end up with a stomachache. By the way, he's drinking cooking oil.
This is a story by horror writer Junji Ito.
It's probably the most disgusting story I've ever read in my life.
Gross-out horror, not scary horror, this time.

I went to see [I am Legend] with Aaron, Kim, and Gene last night. It was okay.
Kind of predictable until the end, I suppose.

Sorry: kind of a worthless post. Just thought I would record my random thoughts.

Bedroom is looking clean, though.

Organization. O_O

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On Vox: And he's back!

I went to Bellingham with my best buddy Chuck this weekend.

We went for a 'beverage' run at 23:30 on Friday when he turned to me and said, "Do you wanna go to Bellingham?" Most of you reading this likely realize that this would mean at least 4 hours in the car. With the pass in the condition it falls into at this time of year, we could have been staring at 6 hours or so.

I declined. But then he continued to promise me parties, beer, and the company of interesting, fun people. And the walls have been closing in lately. I hadn't had a day off since starting work the previous Saturday prior to which I had been in school. To avoid falling into a rut over the break, I nodded and away we went. At 0:30 on Saturday morning, Donny and Chuck set off for the mythical college town of Bellingham. They arrived finally, unscathed at 6:30 the same morning and watched sunrise from the lookout point where Donny zealously snapped pictures of the bay.

Quick stops at Birch Bay and some Dutch town called Lynden for sightseeing and too many pictures.
Vising Chuck's grandma and breakfast.
Vising a long line of friends and criss-crossing the city.
Dinner at the Wingdome (home of the 7-alarm chicken wing that Donny and S-san both challenged and triumphed)
Ice cream (to help recover from the 7-alarm chicken wing)
Lots of talking and stay the night at S-san's place (sleep @ 2am for the first time in over 48 hours)
Up at 6am because S-san had snowboarding plans
Drive to Issaquah to meet Scottie
Breakfast at the Issaquah IHOP -> Scottie, Suzi, Grace, Chuck, Donny
Uwajimaya with Chuck and Scottie. Donny buys MEN'S EGG issue from November
Drive home, get home too late for catalog dinner party :-(

One heckuva weekend. Too little sleep. But I had a blast. Everyone I met was awesome. I hope to do it again soon.

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On Vox: My Thanksgiving 2007
So, this is a selection of photos from my Thanksgiving.

Special thanks to Lydia for the delicious Thanksgiving Dinner Part II on 23 November.
I loved the stuffing. O_O And thank you for inviting us to Gene's birthday bash, too.

It was great to see everyone. I saw the guys from high school. Steve's working for a non-profit. I'm pretty jealous of his social activism and general graduation from college student to 'shakaijin' (member of society who works).

Uh... we went ice skating, which I haven't done in a loooong time. It was great fun. I wanna go again with everyone!

Got to see my sister. She amazes me with her tell-it-like-it-is straightforward manner and the zeal with which she is attacking not only all the academic challenges of college but also the other collegiate drama that comes along with living away from home.

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On Vox: lately...

I couldn't sleep for a while, so I decided to post on my Vox.

I've been at the library almost every day for a long time. I think it's a good move.

Gene and I are up to three sets when we lift.

Tomorrow is busy.

4pm - Student Senate Meeting
5pm - Appointment with adviser
7pm - Ron Jeremy v.s. ex-porn addict
8pm - Meeting with MGT380 group in the Fishbowl
9pm-12am - Study

I go home this weekend! I hope to get done with lots of stuff and hopefully have some fun, too. I will go to either the Tri-City Court Club or the TRAC in pasco for my rec site inspection and watch a movie with a disabled main character for a paper I have to write. And figure out the destinations for my mock meeting plan. And hopefully start writing my paper for recreation and tourism 201. And maybe some other stuff. I dunno. Too much to think about. Love and peace to you all.

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